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Leading The Way In Innovation & Technology For SMT & Semiconductor Printing

Welcome to Milara, Inc., a leading supplier of semi automatic and fully automatic inline printers, wafer bumping and wafer printing equipment. We are dedicated to the development, manufacturing, servicing and/or licensing of medium to high-end manual, semi-automatic and automatic stencil/screen printers, dispensers and both manual and fully robotic wafer printing/bumping systems for the surface mount technology (SMT) and semiconductor industries (SI) worldwide.

Our reputation for quality has been built on our commitment to listen to our customers, learn about their needs and requirements and provide state-of-the-art stencil and screen printing systems for their surface mount and semiconductory printing needs. We encourage you to browse our web site to learn about our products and services and the many technological innovations they embody. You will soon discover that our solutions are in marked contrast to the “typical” industry alternatives you have come to expect from other companies in this industry.

Milara also provides mechanical and electrical engineering design services from concept to CNC manufacturing, electrical component integration, PCB and cable assembly design and testing. At Milara we look forward to handling all of your Mechatronix needs.

And if you are looking for the best automated alignment and aperture packing and the most consistent volumetric printers, you have come to the right place.

Contact Milara today to meet with one of our expert engineers to obtain a personal solution that meets your needs and requirements.

SurfaceMountTechnology Milara designs and produces cutting edge SMT and semiconductor wafer printing technologies. >> SemiConductorTechnology Milara produces manual and fully robotic wafer printing / bumping systems. >> WaferHandlingProducts View Milara’s latest innovative and world renowned robot technologies for wafer handling. >> ManufacturingServices Milara offers full engineering and manufacturing services from low to high volume production. >> PatentedTechnology Patented ultrasonic and vibration technology to solidify stencil printing. >>

Call Milara Now: Toll free phone: 877-572-0006 or for EQUIPE inquiries use phone: 866-320-9086

M3Milara introduces our M³ power of capabilities. Our recent grand opening of our new manufacturing facility in Europe completes our new business model of serving not only the SMT and semiconductor printing industries but also many aspects of precision machining, mechanical and electrical contract manufacturing services and custom robotic components:

M1 Cutting-edge design and manufacturing of fully (inline) and semi automatic stencil printers and wafer printers for the surface mount and semiconductor technology industries

M2 Mechatronics engineering services and full manufacturing for low and high volume applications utilizing the latest in CNC equipment along with our experience in design and manufacturing

M3 Robotic positioning equipment products including multiple styles, prealigners and end effectors for the semiconductor (or other) industries

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