TD2929-DOT Model (Integrated dot dispensing)

TD2929-DOT Model (Integrated dot dispensing)

Integrated Dot Dispensing

Milara reintroduces dot dispensing capabilities in the new TD2929 system (as we did in 2002 also known as "Flexible Solutions" and "Combined System Technology"). Milara has teamed up with Asymtek to now bring you Piezo electric dot dispensing using the SV-100 slider valve. The systems boasts ALL of the same functionality of our 3D system with the exception of removing the 3D inspection head and replacing it with a dot dispenser. This system is also equipped with our 2D post print inspection software. The dot dispensing technology contains the following:


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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 20% faster than auger dispensers
  • 20000 dots per hour (1mm grid)
  • Dot & Line deposition capability
  • Compatible with lead free and no clean solder pastes
  • Small diameter paste dispensing for passive components (0402, 0201, ...)
  • Ideal for BGA re-work, when screen printing is not an option
  • Dots < 300 &um; with type 4, 5 & 6 Pastes
  • Compatible with Silver filled Epoxies
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf needles
  • Resistant to plugging
  • Complements screen printing when SMT component mix requires large variation in dot sizes or difficult to print dot sizes

Shown to the right is the inspection camera gantry with the SV-100 dispensing valve mounted. This assembly also incorporates a laser real-time feedback displacement sensor that automatically adjusts the Z height of the dispenser tip to ensure dynamic consistency during the dispensing cycle.