TD2929-3D CyberOptics Model

TD2929-3D CyberOptics Model


  • True high-speed operation (<5 seconds pre-print)
  • New CyberOptics SE 500 3D high speed post print inspection option
  • New SimuTech™ Technology (allows two PCB simultaneous processing (print AND inspect, inspect AND inspect, stencil clean AND inspect, dispense solder paste while printing))
  • Dual servo position loop (uses actual positioning feedback)
  • High repeatability and accuracy (12.5μm and 25μm respectively
  • Bottom side “turbo injected” vacuum / wet bar stencil cleaner
  • Heavy frame construction for rigid high speed servo operation
  • Dispense paste while printing (twin canister) optional
  • Network drive servo configuration (low cost, high performance)
  • Patented vibration squeegee technology
  • Integrated resistive touchmonitor (no keyboard or trackball device)
  • High density grid array auto conformal bottom side support
  • Digital progressive scan vision technology (others RS170)
  • Servo board edge clamping (non-destructive)
  • High-end integrated motion network control system
  • Microsoft Windows Professional™ operating system
  • Smart UPS battery backup system with auto-shutdown
  • Ultra-fast power-up and changeover time to reduce production downtime (seconds not minutes)
  • Fixed print head (absolutely no moving stencil), circuit board to stencil alignment method

Twin Conveyors of SimuTech™ Technology

TD2929 product line series is equipped with a twin conveyor transport system and two overhead gantries which allow the system to perform concurrent tasks using digital vision and linear servo motion control. This technological design allows for true multitasking process control of 2 circuit boards simultaneously. The left side of the system performs the alignment and printing functions while the right side conducts a multitude of operations such as 3D high speed inspection, 2D post print inspection or dot dispensing. This break through in design totally obsoletes current triple track printing systems which only allow single process performance.

Milara introduces the first integrated 3D 100% paste inspection as an option in the new TD2929. Milara has teamed up with CyberOptics to now bring you 3D paste inspection at full line speed using the CyberOptics' industry leading SE500 technology.


Features & Benefits

Proven 3-D sensing technology

CyberOptics patented 3-D sensing technology uses strobed white light to project patterns of structured light onto the surface of a PCB. Phase profilometry methods are used to compute a true 3-D height map where each pixel is an independent measurement of the topology (surface) of the PCB. The height maps are used to calculate the solder paste height, volume and area. Using strobed white light illumination, the sensor can acquire images on-the-fly, which enables the fastest scan speed. CyberOptics' field-proven solder paste inspection sensing technology, based on 20 years of experience combines the best performance with the highest speed.

Fastest 3-D SPI


This system has the ability to inspect the most demanding assemblies with a >80 cm2/second inspection speed that doesn't compromise measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Superior 3-D measurement capabilities

Building on CyberOptics' reputation for providing solder paste inspection systems with industry-leading volume accuracy, the SE500 can inspect pad sizes down to 01005 component size (150 x 150 µm) while keeping up with ever-increasing line speeds.

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