SMT Products

From semi automatic batch to high speed inline processing, Milara has a product to fit your SMT printing needs including our new P3 system which can handle your SMT mounting requirements. Our printer technology has greatly evolved over the past 10 years and has spanned into new areas of combined system technologies. Developing partnerships with the right technological innovators, each respected and successful in their own fields, Milara presents to you our "Cadillac" line of SMT products. Milara’s stencil printers range is constantly renewed, implementing the latest in Semiconductor Industry and Surface Mount Technology. Our products are innovative, characterized with unique design and high durability.

TouchPrint Automatic Inline - Series Products

TD2929-3D CyberOptics Model

Incorporating the CyberOptics SE 500 (latest in their technology) inspection head, this series boasts high speed concurrent processing with added 3D 100% post print inspection feature.


TD2929-DOT Model (Integrated dot dispensing)

Developing software specific to CAD, Gerber, DXF and other PCB file formats, with the latest in software development tools, this series utilizes the innovation in dispensing technology provided by Asymtek. The systems initial roll0-out utilizes the SV-100 solder paste slider valve but can be fitted with other fine Asymtek products for glue dispensing a variety of materials.


TD2929-E Model (Essentials)

Essentials means simply everything you need to get your production line up and running quickly and cost effectively. This system incorporates the same motion and vision control technology without the options needed for 3D or dot dispensing.

TD2929-E Model (Essentials)


SemiTouch ST2929 Semi Automatic Batch Printer

Manual vision twin camera option batch printer with bottom side ultrasonic stencil cleaner, dual loop servo axis positioning (highest accuracy X, Y and Theta alignment) with NO more Mylar test print setup feature. A microscope camera is now used to align the PCB THROUGH the stencil.

SemiTouch ST2929 Semi Automatic Stencil Printer

SemiTouch STAV Semi Automatic Batch Printer

The STAV has all of the same features and functions of the ST2929 with the exception of automatic vision alignment. Milara employs a dual servo loop positioning feedback system to ensure the highest accuracy for automatic X, Y and Theta vision PCB alignment.

SemiTouch STAV


MiniTouch MT2020 Semi Automatic Stencil Printer

Single closed loop servo axis system. Pneumatic print shuttle transfers the PCB under the print area. Vibration squeegee technology is employed with closed loop computerized print pressure and a manual vision alignment system with SemiIntel™ vision lockout feature.

MiniTouch MT2020 Semi Automatic Stencil Printer