SMT TouchPrint Automatic-Series Products

With well over 10 years of engineering development, Milara is proud to offer the finest in fully automatic inline stencil printers for the SMT production line. By using a modular design approach under the same engineering constraints, 3 new products have evolved to cover a wide variety of flexible solutions. Not being 3D inspection or dot dispensing developers, Milara partnered with two of the most widely acclaimed experts within their fields of technology. Milara offers a standard but innovative inline / low cost printer, a high speed 3D post solder paste inspection model utilizing CyberOptics SE 500 technology and lastly Asymtek with their innovation in solder paste dispensing systems.

TD2929-3D CyberOptics Model

Incorporating the CyberOptics SE 500 (latest in their technology) inspection head, this series boasts high speed concurrent processing with added 3D 100% post print inspection feature.


TD2929-DOT Model (Integrated dot dispensing)

Developing software specific to CAD, Gerber, DXF and other PCB file formats, with the latest in software development tools, this series utilizes the innovation in dispensing technology provided by Asymtek. The systems initial roll0-out utilizes the SV-100 solder paste slider valve but can be fitted with other fine Asymtek products for glue dispensing a variety of materials.


TD2929-E Model (Essentials)

Essentials means simply everything you need to get your production line up and running quickly and cost effectively. This system incorporates the same motion and vision control technology without the options needed for 3D or dot dispensing.

TD2929-E Model (Essentials)