Custom Design Systems

Let Milara help solve your custom automation needs with our design experience in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. With decades of experience in standard product development, contract manufacturing and “build to standards”, we can also help you in areas of mass fabrication and cost reduction to encompass your project's overall objectives of “design it right, built is robust and for the lowest cost”. We are versed in all forms of CAD development software from Pro Engineer to AutoCAD Electrical.


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PrintersMilara has been designing and building innovative stencil and wafer printing and bumping technology for over 22 years. In the past 5 years Milara has won over 6 major industry related awards and now we would like to put our experience to work for you. Milara has created 8 product lines that are used to serve both the surface mount technology and semiconductor printing industries. With a long history of true innovation and excellence in design, we believe that our experience and techniques of contract manufacturing can be applied to other industries.

Wafer Handling

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HandlingIntegration of robotics in the semiconductor handling of costly 300mm diameter silicon wafers (some having costs of $75,000.00 each or more) Milara has gone through arduous design and testing of our robotic systems to ensure 100 percent error free handling. Take a look at what we can offer you for wafer handling systems.


Contract Manufacturing

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ManufacturingTake a look at what we have done for remote control robotics with our contract manufacturing resources. Milara took the original design, added our expertise input to the client's and came up with a more viable and cost effective solution.


Electrical Assemblies

Milara has gained a wealth of cross-functional experience from both the development of our standard products and our contract manufacturing, allowing us to assist you with everything from an initial design concept through mechanical and electrical designs all the way to the end phase of software development based on your specifications.

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Cable Designs


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