Printing Innovations/3D Inspection

CyberOptics 3D Post Print Inspection Head (Option)

Milara introduces the first integrated 3D 100% paste inspection as an option in the new TD2929. Now Milara has teamed up with CyberOptics to bring you 3D paste inspection at full line speed using the CyberOptics' industry leading SE500 technology.

Proven 3-D sensing technology

Technology High Speed High

Laser scanning

White light stop

and shoot
CyberPotics' white

light scanning


Table 1: CyberOptics' high speed, high

performing 3-D sensing technology

CyberOptics patented 3-D sensing technology uses strobed white light to project patterns of structured light onto the surface of a PCB. Phase profilometry methods are used to compute a true 3-D height map where each pixel is an independent measurement of the topology (surface) of the PCB. The height maps are used to calculate the solder paste height, volume and area. Using strobed white light illumination, the sensor can acquire images on-the-fly, which enables the fastest scan speed. CyberOptics' field-proven solder paste inspection sensing technology, based on 20 years of experience, combines the best performance with the highest speed (Table 1).

Fastest 3-D SPI

    CyberOptics Competition
10005 50 cm2/sec 25 cm2/sec
CSP 50 cm2/sec 25 cm2/sec
0201 80 cm2/sec 40 cm2/sec
μBGA 80 cm2/sec 40 cm2/sec
0402 80 cm2/sec 40 cm2/sec

Table 2: Inspection speed comparison

This system has the ability to inspect the most demanding assemblies with a >80 cm2/second inspection speed that doesn't compromise measurement accuracy and repeatability (Table 2).

Superior 3-D measurement capabilities

Building on CyberOptics' reputation for providing solder paste inspection systems with industry-leading volume accuracy, the SE500 can inspect pad sizes down to 01005 component size (150 x 150 μm) while keeping up with ever-increasing line speeds (Table 3).

3-D SPI Functional Specifications

X and Y Pixel Size

High resolution, 15 μm (0.6 mils); High speed, 30 μm (1.2 mils)

Paste Height Range

50 - 500 μm (2 - 20 mils)

Height Resolution

0.2 μm (0.008 mils)

Maximum board warp

<2% of PCB diagonal or a maximum of 6.35 mm (0.25 in.) total

Maximum Pad Size in FOV

15 x 15 mm (0.6 x 0.6 in.)

Measurement types

Height, Area, Volume, Registration, Bridge Detection

3-D SPI Performance Specifications

Inspection Speeds

80.0 cm2/sec (12.3 in2/sec); High Resolution, 50.0 cm2/sec (7.6 in2/sec)

Height Accuracy

5 μm on a Certification Target

Volume Repeatability

<3%, 3 Sigma, on a Certification Target

Volume Repeatability

<5%, 3 Sigma, on a circuit board

Gage R&R

<<10%, 6 Sigma

Table 3: CyberOptics' SE500 functional and performance specifications

Sensor Option: MicroPad™ Sensor designed for the smallest solder paste deposits

  • Designed for smallest solder paste deposits
  • Capable of measuring down to 100 μm x 100 μm deposit size
  • Twice the magnification of the standard SE500 sensor
  • 7 μm lateral resolution
MicroPad Sensor

Figure 1: MicroPad Sensor