EQUIPE Atmospheric Linear Track

EQUIPE Atmospheric Linear Track

General Info

The TRA series linear track, featuring a unique modular design can be easily integrated into any application where parallel 300mm load ports, 200mm SMIF modules, or process chambers are configured.

he TRA series track provides the robot with an independent fourth axis that enables straight line wafer transfer motions. This simple Cartesian coordinate system can be quickly taught using advanced EQT software.

Range of Motion
22" to 62”

± 0.001" @ 3 sigma

Average Speed (ABM-407 payload)
TRA-036-LPS 18”/sec
TRA-076-LPS 32”/sec.

>28,000 hours

EQUIPE Atmospheric Linear Track Config Chart

Specifications TRA-036-LP (S,D)

Effective Stroke DBM robot (D) 22
Effective Stroke ABM robot (S) 23.8
Rail Length 36.0
Overall Length 40.2
Overall Width 17.0
Weight 130lbs.
E-15.1 PDO capacity

Specifications TRA-076-LP (S,D)

Effective Stroke DBM robot (D) 62
Effective Stroke ABM robot (S) 63.1
Rail Length 76.0
Overall Length 80.2
Overall Width 17.0
Weight 206lbs.
E-15.1 PDO capacity 4