Diamond H1 Wafer Handling Robot

Diamond H1 Wafer Handling Robot

Wafer Size 2”(50mm) to 12”(300mm)

Payload 2.2 lbs(1.0 kg)

Encoders Incremental, 10000 pulse/rev Motor type Brushless, low inertia high response

Weight 40.7 lbs(18.5 kg) for 7” vert. travel, and 5.25”x5.25” arm

Operating temperatures 50°F-104°F (10°C to 40°C)

Facility requirements

Voltage range 100-120AVC, 200-240VAC

Vacuum supply 11.8”Hg(-5.8psi) / 0.1CFM airflow

Axis Motion range Max Velocity Max Acceleration Axis Repeatability


> 360° (typical +/-230°)
>360 °/s 1500 °/s² ±0.01°


From ±10.5”

Up to ±14.4”

(depending on arm)
Up to 35 inch/s

(depending on arm size)
300 inch/s² ±0.001”



7” >18 inch/s 44 inch/s² ±0.001”