SemiTouch STW-1 Wafer Printing / Bumping System

Combined system technology (wafer printer and wafer bumper) Unsurpassed vibration squeegee printing technology Robust design to ensure years of dependable operation AwardThe SemiTouch Wafer Printer / Bumper is an easy to use, highly robust semi-automatic batch printer capable of both Wafer Stencil Printing and Bumping within a single system. The rigidity of this system combined with Milara’s proprietary vibrating squeegee technology and closed loop squeegee pressure control results in print quality that is unmatched in the industry. Once more, Milara proves our overall design theory and applied our combined system technology experience into the STW-1 printer / bumper system. The STW-1 is molded after our standard SemiTouch printer and by pressing a single button, the system converts itself from a wafer bumper to stencil printer in seconds. Milara has incorporated a new vision system with accuracies of 12um, which yields capabilities of ultra fine pitch printing. Utilizing our patented vibration squeegee technology which has proven viability in wafer bumping, the STW-1 employs the same technology to accomplish ultra fine pitch printing (down to 70um) with 100 percent printing reliability (no missed apertures on wafers with excess of 25,000 per print) in conjunction with unsurpassed solder brick geometry.