SemiTouch Wafer Auto Vision Batch Printer (STWAV)

  • Two camera, automatic vision wafer alignment correction.

  • High resolution camera optics for aligning small wafer fiducials.

  • Precision vacuum chuck assembly with vacuum monitoring runtime diagnostic system.

  • Vibrating squeegee technology


The STWAV is molded after our standard SemiTouch printer line which include the ST2929 and STAV models. This model is specific to wafer printing and or fluxing using automatic vision alignment. Manual loading and unloading of wafers is required however, post loading an operator simply presses the two start buttons and everything is automatic from there. Milara has incorporated a new vision system with accuracies of 12um, which yield capabilities of ultra fine pitch printing.

Utilizing our patented vibration squeegee technology which has proven viability in wafer bumping, the STWAV employs the same technology to accomplish ultra fine pitch printing (down to 49um) with 100 percent printing reliability (no missed apertures on wafers with excess of 45,000 per print) in conjunction with unsurpassed solder brick geometry.

The STWAV wafer printer offers advanced technological features and combines them with unprecedented ease of operation. Windows™ based control software allows both first time and experienced operators to use the printer’s full capabilities in just a short time. The STWAV is engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. Runtime self-diagnostic software ensures instant troubleshooting for maximum productivity.


Auto Vision System Alignment

Milara has incorporated and X, Y and Theta, close-loop servo motion control in conjunction with an overhead two-camera auto vision system. The operator simply places the wafer (or substrate) within the alignment area or chuckmask and the STWAV does the rest!

The images below show the wafer placed onto the workholder and once the run buttons are depressed, the system auto aligns the actual wafer “white” fiducial marks to the yellow overlay image which is a direct representation of the stencil targets.


(Targets before alignment)

(Targets aligned to stencil automatically)

The STWAV’s operating system is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows™ Professional. This operating system was chosen due to its flexibility and overall robustness. As versions of this operating system advance, the SemiTouch possesses the ability to easily accept these upgrades and provide customers with the latest in operating software technology. A simplistic, non-embedded menu system simplifies overall use to an operator. All primary setup screens are located only one level below the main menu for less confusion.