Milara International - Advanced Machining resources for your products.

Milara’s Bulgarian facility with over 107,000 square feet and is
equipped with state of the art machinery. The facility produces
mechanical components and electronic assemblies for all Milara equipment
with over 120 assembly personnel including 30 electrical /electronic
and mechanical engineers. Milara is a leader in the machining of hard
to machine materials. Milara International has the capabilities of
machining small, complex multi-axis parts made of aluminum, titanium
alloys, stainless, Kovar and other nickel based alloys and OFH Copper
and Copper-Molly. Parts we are machining are mainly for the electronics,
robotics, medical and food industries as well as other civil and
non-civil industries. We provide efficient, personalized service on
every project that we complete, from the smallest projects to the
largest.  Each project is unique, and we will work with you to ensure
that your requirements are met. We can efficiently create your
components in quantities large or small using our high capacity CNC
lathes and CNC milling machines. Last but not least we also have the
capabilities to make full or piece-part electronic and machine

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Milara is experienced in precision machining of wide range of
ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic and exotic materials to fill your needs:


Carbon steel Delrin
Stainless steel Teflon PTFE
Titanium alloys Garolit
Aluminum alloys Acrylic
OFH Copper and copper alloys Ertalytes
Kovar and Nickel alloys Phenolics
Copper Molly  



Long beds to accommodate extremely long workpieces

Fast positioning and cutting rates (12,000 rpm spindle)

Mazatrol CNC controls

  • X-axis linear motor drive on the SVC
  • Table load capacities from 2,600 lbs. to 7,480 lbs.
  • Travel X – 65” x Y – 30” x Z – 26”
  • Positioning - +/-0.0002”
  • Repeatability - +/-0.0001”



Simultaneous 5-axis control

Table tilts up to 150° (A-axis)

Table rotates up to 380° (C-axis)

Minimal thermal distortion – cooled ball screws

and spindle (12,000 rpm)

Mazatrol Matrix CNC control

  • - Travel X – 24” x Y – 31.1” x Z – 20”
  • - Positioning - +/-0.0002”
  • - Repeatability - +/-0.0001”



Main turning spindle from 15-40 HP

Second spindle for back-side finishing of parts available on most models

  • Y axis milling capability
  • Servo tailstock
  • Automatic tool eye
  • Gantry robots available for unmanned operation

Omax Water Jet Series

Omax Water Jet Series

  • X/Y Travel 100" x 55"
  • Table Size 126" x 65"
  • Accuracy of Motion at 70° F
  • Ball Bar Circularity (Over 12")
  • At Max. Traverse Velocity ±0.003" (±0.08 mm)
  • Repeatability ±0.002" (±0.051 mm)

  • Squareness 0.002" per ft (0.17 mm/m)
  • Straightness 0.003" per ft (0.25 mm/m)

  • Backlash 0.0007" max. (0.018 mm)