Milara History

  • “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."


In 2001 Krassy Petkov, founder and owner of commercial communications equipment manufacturer ACOM International, joined several other investors to purchase HTI High Tech Storage, a stencil printing company based in Medfield, Massachusetts. The newly purchased company was folded under a corporate umbrella named Milara Incorporated, and Mr. Petkov assumed the position of CEO of the newly branded company.

Guided by exceptional intuition and foresight, and armed with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and graduate degrees in engineering mathematics and robotics, Mr. Petkov immediately recognized the significant new opportunities in the surface mount technology (SMT), semiconductor industries (SI) and robotics markets available to Milara.

Under Mr. Petkov’s able stewardship over the last 10 years, Milara has acquired diverse experience in multiple industries. Milara’s semiconductor robot line is a leading product in semiconductor wafer handling systems. The company is now a leading supplier of semi- and fully-automated stencil printers for the surface mount technology industry, and it designs and manufactures photo lithography systems used in semiconductor fabrication. Lastly Milara offers contract manufacturing services to all industries encompassing mechanical, electrical, software and technical construction from small to mass produced products for a variety of industrial clients.

Milara has won 10 of product development’s highest achievement awards between 2003 and 2010.  The Advance Packaging, SMT and Global SMT vision awards are given to companies whose products have exhibited true innovation and technological advancements that are considered viable by leading industry experts.  These industry accolades were for TouchPrint series inline printers, SemiTouch wafer printer/bumper systems and robot wafter handling systems.

10 years, four divisions and three design and manufacturing facilities later, Milara is today one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in New England.