Milford, MA, USA

Milford facility

Located in Milford, Massachusetts, this newly renovated 65,000 square foot facility is home to state-of-the-art advanced engineering in fields of mechanical, electrical, software and robotics development. The plant is used for final assembly and testing of Milara semiconductor robot and SMT systems.

Demand Flow Technology

Our cutting-edge manufacturing drop sites are host to the latest and most modern Demand Flow Technology (DTF) manufacturing drop stations, enabling Milara to implement flow manufacturing based on customer demand for its products rather than on the often inexact science of sales forecasting.

Computerized real-time semi-automatic fabrication status systems

Our printer technology has greatly evolved over the past 10 years, and has moved into new areas of combined system technologies. The main production floor is fully equipped with computerized real-time semi-automatic fabrication status systems to handle inline high-end stencil printing manufacturing.

DTF drop stations

Even our entry level printing systems are supported by our DTF drop stations and methods of production.


The fully class 100 Cleanroom facilities are present at this facility to ensure the highest possible quality for manufacturing our robotic wafer handling systems. A brand new HEPA filtration system maintains air at the purest level in our Cleanroom facilities.