Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv facility

Milara International Ltd. was established in March 2006 with headquarters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our production facility is one of the most modern of its kind in Bulgaria, and was among the nominees for Industrial building of the year 2010. The building occupies 9875 square meters and is equipped with state of the art machinery.

We are leaders in precision machining, utilizing the latest in CNC equipment along with our experience in design and manufacturing. We have a wealth of experience in the production of complex mechanical parts and components for industries such as electronics, robotics, automotive, medical, optical and semi-conductor.



Manufacturing facility

Milara International has invested heavily in manufacturing facilities, characterized by unsurpassed productivity and higher accuracy machining. The two machine shops, equipped with intelligent Mazak machines, occupy a total area of 2800 square meters.



Engineering team

Our engineering teams have three main divisions:

  • Our design engineers are responsible for developing and completing the full technical documentation of each product before it is actually launched into production, using SolidWorks 11 and MastercamX3.
  • The CNC engineers make the programs for each mechanical part that is produced in our factory on the CNC MAZAK machines. They use SolidWorks 11 and MastercamX3.
  • Software developers comprise the newest engineering team in our company. These engineers use C++, C# and other languages in order to create programs and specific software for our machines.



Assembly area

The assembling of stencil printers and wafer handling robots takes place in the modern equipped assembly area, occupying 2000 square meters.



QC personnel

All of our products pass a quality control check before being released to our clients. The quality control department is equipped with modern measuring equipment, assuring the consistency between the products and the client’s QC requirements. Following a thorough inspection, our trained QC personnel issue a Quality Report for each product produced in the factory.



Storage sections

The total storage area of Milara International is 1800 square meters. We have four separate storage sections – one for materials, another for machine tools and two finished goods storage sections – one for the parts about to be machined and one for the machines.



There is a specially designed test area where all our products undergo 72-hours of testing procedures as well as other specific tests in order to prove conformity with the specific quality requirements for each product. The testing area occupies a total of 955 square meters and is equipped with test stations and other testing facilities. Our specialists have developed specific software for the testing, and the test results are recorded and summarized in a separate Technical Report for each product.