C# .NET Lead Software Architect, Milara, Inc. Milford, MA

Multiple openings

Milara is seeking a Senior level C# .NET Lead Architect. In this role, you will be applying in depth understanding of robotics, algorithms, and modern software concepts to develop and support software shipped to end customers. This role will be mainly responsible for developing and maintaining the Milara Crystal Framework, supporting all software shipped with it, and growing the software team to support its growth.  Its specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and enhance the Milara Crystal Framework
  • Develop and test machine software using the Milara Crystal Framework
  • Write and maintain scripts to initialize and control the peripherals of the platforms
  • Work with customers to understand, integrate and add support for requirements
  • Review our equipment user interfaces for consistency and functionality and provide input to our development teams
  • Document and communicate findings of bugs, feedback, and issues seen in a professional manner
  • Lead and grow the software team responsible for maintaining the Milara Crystal Framework

Experience and Qualification:

A qualified candidate will possess at a minimum a Master’s degree (or a foreign equivalent degree) in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a closely related field followed by three (3) years of experience as a Software Engineer, Lead Architect, or a closely related position working with semi-conductor equipment utilizing SECS/GEM communication.  The experience, which may have been gained concurrently, must have included three (3) years of experience with each of the following:

  • Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining high performing, scalable, and secure software in C#/.NET and WPF/UWP UI frameworks in Linux environments.
  • Collaborating with Electronics Engineers to develop semi conductor products, including reading and understanding electronics schematics.
  • Designing, developing, and testing software that drive robotic components in semi conductor industrial equipment

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