Milford, MA — September 20, 2013 The Massachusetts-based Milara Inc. has purchased the Brooks Equipe atmospheric product line. The Brooks Equipe products being acquired by Milara include the atmospheric AXM and DBM robots, Pre-Aligners, Tracks and Controllers. As part of the agreement Brooks will retain Equipe atmospheric product repair capabilities and continue to support existing and new repair business. Milara Inc. is headquartered at 49 Maple St., Milford, MA 01757, USA and is a leading supplier of semi automatic and fully automatic inline printers, wafer bumping and wafer printing equipment. Milara will add the Equipe atmospheric robotics from this acquisition to their existing Diamond Series atmospheric product line further expanding their atmospheric automation capabilities and products. Brooks will execute all existing orders at the time of this announcement. Brooks will also continue to support the current warranty obligation that exist at the time of this announcement and for product shipped by Brooks after this announcement. To ensure continuity of product quality and delivery, Milara will utilize its own resources as well as Brooks’ Equipe contract manufacturers for product deliveries while optimizing the long term manufacturing strategy.

All new orders should be issued to Milara, Inc. at the following address:

Milara Incorporated, Krassy Petkov, CEO

49 Maple St. Milford, MA 01757, USA

Phone: 508.533.5322

Toll Free: 1.877.572.0006

Fax: 508.533.8686


Both Milara Inc. and Brooks Automation are highly committed to work together to sustain and improve further the quality of customer service and satisfaction. Brooks places a high value on service of its customer’s existing installed base. For field service and technical support for your installed base at end user /semi fab sites globally, Brooks will remain your service provider and you should contact the local Brooks office in each region for installed base support.

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