AWPb 300 Fully Automated Wafer Bumping System

Milara takes its combined system technology practice one step further with the development of the new AWPb 300 Wafer Bumper system. It is capable of handling 150, 200 and 300mm wafers with either a dual or single FOUP option. A single robotic arm with pre-aligner is used to load and unload wafers onto the automated print stage (EFEM). Utilizing our patented vibration squeegee technology which has proven viability in wafer bumping, the AWPb 300 employs the same technology used by all Milara printers to accomplish ultra fine pitch printing (down to 38um) with 100 percent printing reliability in conjunction with unsurpassed solder brick geometry.

The AWPb 300, fully automatic robotic wafer bumper offers advanced technological features and combines them with unprecedented ease of operation. Windows™ Professional based programming simplifies every aspect of set-up. A customized windows based system allows either first time or experienced operators to use the product’s full capabilities in just a sort time. The AWPb 300 is engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. A self-diagnostic program for instant trouble shooting is built in to ensure maximum productivity.

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