ESC 200 Controller


Optimized for fast wafer swaps Standard Integral horseshoe end effectors Two independent Radial Axis
High throughput Full 360° theta rotation eliminates dead zone. Improved stiffness and orthogonality
Available with CE Mark Cassette mapper (optional) CE Mark (standard) and SEMI S2-Compliant

Intelligent control helps increase throughput

Multitasking control of sophisticated functions minimizes host system interaction to speed throughput. The system can, for example, pre-align one wafer while the robot transfers another wafer. And, when used in conjunction with the standard 16 external I/Os, the unit can monitor and control external devices from within the robot macros, thus freeing the host computer to perform other tasks. “S-Curve” motion profiles provide smooth, fast wafer transfers and increased robot life, while the proprietary time optimized trajectory option increases wafer through-put up to 33% over conventional motion profiles.
The ESC-200 provides built-in support for all options, including Flip-per, Linear Track, SMIF pods and Wafer Scanner.

Compliant with safety and regulatory standards.

Optional SEMI S2 compliant versions of the ESC-200 pro-vide all the interlocks and safety features needed to help make your system S2 compliant. Standard CE mark and UL recognition make regulatory compliance easier.

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