Wafer Sorters

The latest generation high-throughput wafer sorting platform from Milara Inc. It brings to market innovative and fully automated cassette stations, which provide a complete system from the loading of new substrates through the unloading of processed substrates without interrupting the robot cycle. This enables unparalleled processing throughput of more than 220 wafers per hour. A modular design allows for the processing of up to 20 carriers simultaneously and central to the system is Milara’s Diamond H4 dual-arm robot for rapid wafer swapping. End effectors on the robot include integrated through-beam sensors for quick and reliable wafer mapping, reporting occupied or empty slots, and identifying cross-slotted substrates. Fully integrated precision wafer handling components include an autonomous pre-aligner to center wafers with 25 micron accuracy, an optical character reader to reliably track ID’s on both sides of the substrate, and high-precision digital scales capable of measuring a wafer in one half of a second with 1 milligram resolution. All components of the system are Class 1 compatible and a quiet fan filter built into the mini-environment provides laminar flow for maximum cleanliness.

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