TD2929-E Model (Essentials)

The TouchPrint Essentials model
The essentials model was designed to give clients the same innovative design and technology but at a more affordable price. This system contains the same technology found in our higher end 3D and dot dispensing products without the added costs and extra features found in those two product lines. Essentials still contains our complete digital control system, vibration squeegee technology and “dispense while printing” features without the full capabilities of SimuTech™.


  • Low cost version of our premier 3D and dot dispensing systems without the right side concurrent gantry operation
  • True high-speed operation (<5 seconds pre-print)
  • Dual servo position loop (uses actual positioning feedback)
  • High repeatability and accuracy (12.5µm and 25µm respectively)
  • Bottom side “turbo injected” vacuum / wet bar stencil cleaner
  • Heavy frame construction for rigid high speed servo operation
  • Dispense paste while printing (twin canister) optional
  • Network drive servo configuration (low cost, high performance)
  • Patented vibration squeegee technology
  • Integrated resistive touchmonitor (no keyboard or trackball device)
  • High density grid array auto conformal bottom side support
  • Digital progressive scan vision technology (others RS170)
  • Servo board edge clamping (non-destructive)
  • High-end integrated motion network control system
  • Microsoft Windows Professional™ operating system
  • Smart UPS battery backup system with auto-shutdown
  • Ultra-fast power-up and changeover time to reduce production downtime (seconds not minutes)
  • Fixed print head (absolutely no moving stencil), circuit board to stencil alignment method

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