ST2929 Semi-Series

  • Right is Right, right side shuttle load position

  • Unsurpassed vibration squeegee printing technology

  • Bottom side ultrasonic stencil cleaner

  • Vibrating squeegee assembly

  • Closed loop squeegee pressure control

The SemiTouch ST2929 semi-automatic stencil/screen printer offers advanced technological features and combines them with unprecedented ease of operation. A customized Windows™ based system allows either first time or experienced operators to use the printer’s full capabilities in just a sort time. The SemiTouch is engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. A self-diagnostic program for instant trouble shooting is built in to ensure maximum productivity.

The SemiTouch operating system is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows™ Professional. This operating system was chosen due to its flexibility and overall robustness. As versions of this operating system advance, the SemiTouch possesses the ability to easily accept these upgrades and provide customers with the latest in operating software technology. A simplistic, non-embedded menu system simplifies overall use to an operator. All primary setup screens are located only one level below the main menu for less confusion.

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