SemiTouch STAV


  • Two camera, automatic vision servo PCB correction

  • Right is Right, right side shuttle load position

  • Unsurpassed vibration squeegee printing technology

  • Bottom side ultrasonic stencil cleaner

  • Vibrating squeegee assembly

The SemiTouch STAV printer features a maximum print area of 16 x 20″, and servo-controlled and fully programmable X, Y, Z and Theta vision alignment. With universal squeegee heads, an industrial PC control system and programmable squeegee-up delay, the system offers users run-time diagnostics, message feedback, magnetic tooling plate and advanced safety features.

Additionally, the printer comes standard with a high-precision two-camera automatic vision alignment system, universal screen adapter plate and multiple print modes (stencil and screen printing). Step-through programming is available for new operators and advanced programming for experienced operators.

STAV accepts adapter plates for stencils 8 x 10″ to 24 x 24″ and has a fully integrated resistive touch monitor for operator control (no keyboard or trackball) to simplify operation. With a programmable snap-off delay, Mylar sep up alignment fixture, floating or fixed squeegee holders, and board clamping and nesting with Milara’s snugger bars, the printer is a must-have for any company’s production line. Also, it is a cost-effective system that offers users all the above features and benefits on the standard model.

Numerous options are available for STAV and include VibraServe vibrating squeegee, closed-loop squeegee pressure control, new ultrasonic bottom-side wiper system, spare parts kit and a universal adapter plate.


Automatic Vision System Alignment


Milara has incorporated and X, Y and Theta, close-loop servo motion control in conjunction with an overhead two-camera auto vision system. The operator simply places the PCB within the alignment area and the STAV does the rest!

The images below show the PCB placed onto the workholder and once the run buttons are depressed, the system auto aligns the actual PCB “white” fiducial marks to the yellow overlay image which is a direct representation of the stencil targets.

(Targets before alignment)(Targets aligned to stencil automatically)


The SemiTouch operating system is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows™ Professional. This operating system was chosen due to its flexibility and overall robustness. As versions of this operating system advance, the SemiTouch possesses the ability to easily accept these upgrades and provide customers with the latest in operating software technology. A simplistic, non-embedded menu system simplifies overall use to an operator. All primary setup screens are located only one level below the main menu for less confusion.

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