MiniTouch MT2020 Semi Automatic Stencil Printer

Featured Benefits

    • Maximum Print Area: 10” x 14”

    • Maximum print stroke: 12”

    • Maximum Stencil Size: 20” x 20” (using adaptor)

    • On and Off Contact Print Modes

    • Shuttle Style X, Y and Theta Carriage

    • Programmable Squeegee Speed

    • Programmable Squeegee Stop Positions

    • Last Board Recall

    • Board Storage Library

    • Step Trough Programming for New Operators

    • Advanced Programming for Experienced Operators

    • Universal Squeegee Heads

    • Servo Motor Driven Squeegee Heads (print stroke)

    • Industrial PC control system

    • Programmable Snap-off Delay

    • Programmable Squeegee Up Delay

    • Run Time Diagnostics

    • Message Feedback

    • Magnetic Tooling Plate

    • Board Clamping and nesting with Milara’s Snugger Bars

    • Advanced Safety Features

    • Multiple Print Modes

    • Mylar Set Up Alignment Fixture

    • Universal Screen Adapter Plate

    • Floating or Fixed Squeegee Holders

    • Predrilled for Vision Upgrade

  • Fast, easy set-up and alignment

  • High precision/low volume prototyping

  • Vibration squeegee technology equipped

  • Simplified control panel with Windows™

  • Virtually maintenance free

The MiniTouch semi-automatic stencil/screen printer offers advanced technological features and combines them with unprecedented ease of operation. A customized Windows™ Professional based system allows either first time or experienced operators to use the printer’s full capabilities in just a short time. The MiniTouch is engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. A self-diagnostic program for instant trouble shooting is built in to ensure maximum productivity.



                Registration Repeatability:                   +/- 0.0005”

                “X” “Y” Adjustment:                              +/- 0.75”

                Theta Adjustment:                                 +/- 10 degrees

                Min / Max Board Size:                            2.5” x 2.5” to 10” x 14”

                Squeegee Head Print Stroke:               1” to 17”

                Squeegee Head Speed:                         0 to 10 inches per second

                Screen Height Adjustment:                   0.50”

                Squeegee Pressure:                              Micrometer hard stop

                Dimensions:                                           65” l x 36” w x52”h

                Shipping Weight:                                   600 pounds


The following table lists the environmental and utility requirements of the MiniTouch.


Electrical Power

115 VAC/15AMP 60 Hz
(Customer Specified) 220 VAC/7.5AMP 50 Hz


80 to 125 PSI at 6 CFM (5.5 to 8.6 BAR at 169.5 L/MIN)


10 to 35 degrees C. (50 to 95 F.)


30 to 90 percent (non-condensing)

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