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Milara Inc. will debut the next generation, the TouchPrint Digital TD2929 system with new optimized control system adding both power and flexibility to the product platform.  Also, we will be showing the TD2929-3D system which is comprised of our standard concurrent processing system with 3D post print inspection system provided by CyberOptics.

The new generation P3 combines the world’s fastest printer and pick-and-place system, the Touch Print Digital TD2929 and the Mx400LP Pick-and-Place System with tray and 100 component feeders and JEDEC tray option.  This system incorporates a combined experience of over 27 years in pick and place and 21 years of tenure knowledge in stencil printer design.  Future clients can now deal with one company instead of two separate entities to help solve their placement and printing applications.  The P3 combines all of the technological achievements of Milara’s inline stencil printing technology of their TouchPrint TD2929 system with the speed, flexibility and overall stability of Mirae pick and place products.  Details separating the two technologies will include:

Printer section – complete digital control system including vision processing, 2D texture based post print inspection, Asymtek SV-100 servo paste dispensing head integration; vibration squeegee printing technology (best volumetric and consistent fill of apertures down to 70um), concurrent processing capability utilizing twin conveyor and overhead gantry system (print AND inspect, bottom side stencil clean AND inspect, inspect AND inspect, dispense paste bead WHILE printing, print AND dot dispensing, inspect AND dot dispensing).”

Pick and Place section – dual high speed twin head gantry placement heads, twin conveyor system for concurrent component placement on two PCB’s, new intelligent feeder system (auto plug-in, self diagnostic, inner circulation of reel and built in reel hangar with shutter to reduce chip loss)”

“Milara will also be showing our full line of robotic wafer handling products along with our semi automatic stencil technology.”

TD2929-3D Cyber Optics ModelP3

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