Milara provides contract design and manufacturing services to a variety of industries, encompassing mechanical, electrical, and software. Milara has a long history to become the extension of customer’s capabilities through value engineering, material sourcing, Zero defect mentality and design velocity as well as design flexibility.



Milara is a vertically integrated company, which defines the precision requirement from our own machine shop. Milara’s high precision machining centers, over 120 High-precision Mazak CNC machines, provide unparalleled production speed and quality of parts fabrication. Combined with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, our focus is to provide our clients with around the clock production capability.

Milara offers design service since the very beginning. Building on industry-leading knowledge and experience, our team of highly trained mechanical, electrical and software engineers has worked in different industries such as automotive, aerospace, bio-medical, optical and semiconductor. We serve as an extension to your engineering capabilities and provide constructive solutions to your design difficulties.


With our experienced background in Military product contract manufacturing and extensive production capabilities, Milara offers design, manufacturing and assembly services, encompassing mechanical, electrical, and software for customer’s products in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to semiconductor, bio-medical and photo-lithography industries.


Our newest contract service features “engineering for hire”. When you are in need of qualified engineer or an engineering team to get the job done, call Milara. With over 20 years of experience and a multi-continental team of engineers working around-the-clock, we can help you to lead the way of innovation.

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