EQUIPE PRE-300 Series

Advanced Non-Contact Wafer Pre-Aligner

Milara® offers the highest precision pre-aligner on the market for 300mm wafers. The PRE-300 Wafer Pre-Aligner combines high-resolution optical sensing with high-precision mechanics to yield the greatest overall performance available.

General Info:

Wafers sized from 150mm to 300mm are accommodated without mechanical changes or readjustments. The PRE-300 has sensing capabilities which automatically detect if the wafer has a notch or a flat. Other features include direct encoder feedback on the wafer chuck and a highly linear light source to provide optimal illumination to the Charge Coupled Device (CCD).

Full servo control of each of the three axes provides smooth, fast motions. Used with the ESC-200 Series Controller with its high speed CPU and high resolution servo, x/y precision is better than +/- .002” and theta precision is better than +/- .04°.

Reliability is one of the PRE-300’s strongest suits. Based on the PRE-200, and with very few moving parts and high ESD tolerance, MTBF numbers are expected to be greater than 65,000 hours. Combined with the Automation series of robots, the PRE-300 Pre-Aligner completes your 300mm wafer-handling package.


MTBF 65,000 hours, Class 1 clean room compatible, Two independent Radial Axis, Compact Footprint, Highly repeatable positioning. Macro programmable, Intelligent Commands, Available for both: Pin-Load (PRE-301) models Chuck Load (PRE-300) models. CE Mark available, Fast-Scan high-throughput (option), Ultra-clean option available.


Axes of Motion Radial axis : Used for X/Y Offset

Theta axis : Rotate Chuck

Z axis : Raise and Lower Pins

Repeatability Theta: +/-04° (3 Sigma)

X/Y Alignment: +/-. 002” (+/-50 Micron)(3 Sigma)

Wafer Diameter Range 150mm – 300mm
Cleanliness Class 1
Maximum Offset 9mm or .36”
Flat & Notch Compatibility Entire SEMI Range
Detection Optical, Non-Contact
Drive DC Servo
Chuck Vacuum Wafer Retention
Pins Vacuum Wafer Retention
Communication RS-232
Throughput Fast Align 5 Sec. (Typical) Normal 8 Sec. (Typical)
Utilities Required Vacuum: 20” Hg     Power: 200 VA; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

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